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27 novembre 2009

LVDC 6: LVDC in English

As one of my wishes is to travel and live abroad as much as I can, I feel some posts in English are relevant to this blog. So I will start with a short introduction of myself:

My name is Charles Dechoux and right now I am a fifth-year student in E-commerce and IT. I was born on September 21st, 1987 in Bourges, a small city in the center of France which had its Golden Age 25 centuries ago and is now kind of unimportant - but this will be the subject of a later post. Just keep in mind that I grew up there, the center being nice, the surroundings typically French with castles, great landscapes and people who did not change their mentality since the Revolution. It is a lovely location for kids, but as soon as I neared 16 my only wish was to get the HELL out of there.

My first step was to join the former elite French educational system, the Grandes Ecoles - system that I may write about in another post. This lead me, first, to Orléans - I was so half-way from Paris - where I lived two years and had one of the greatest times in my life, studying hard maths and physics and having simple but true fun with my fellow students at the boarder.

I then moved to my school in Lille, where I should study until April 2010 IT, E-commerce, as well as project management. Here I also made some friends, I go to parties, play the violin in an orchester and try to figure out my future while watching each and every episode of Sex & the City.

I LIKE reading big sagas - whether fantasy, science-fiction or historical ; I like feeling the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair ; I love watching the reflection of the sky on the water and the collective rape that is the way ducks reproduce. I also simply enjoy sipping cocktails on a beach while eating tasty treats and listening to lounge music.

I DON'T LIKE feeling alone more than a few hours - though I enjoy lonely trips and wanderings. I dislike people judging others and not letting them do what they want although it does not affect them. Finally, I hate when bouncers - or anybody with some power over you, however temporary - are rude and mean just because they can.

My notion of time is also fluctuant: it is the case for many people, who say it is an example of Einstein's theory of time being relative to the observer. I will not dare interpreting what Dr. Einstein said, suffice it to state that two weeks are eternity to me, and after one month in a new life I feel I never experienced anything else.

I realize that this short introduction is now close to matching the totalized French posts; now you know that I like hearing myself talk or reading myself write. Also, I hope that you are convinced of my fluency in English.

Charles Dechoux, LVDC 6

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