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18 décembre 2009

LVDC 9 : Poaekj and SEO

In this post I am going to tell you a bit more about my classes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in e-commerce. First, I have to say that the class is entirely done in what the school call "APP" for "Apprentissage Par Problème" - which literally translates as "Learning By Doing" or, if you think a bit more about it, "Do it by yourself cause your teacha ain't going to help ya". You see I am quite critical about this method - although I quite agree with the idea of having the students struggle a bit so that they raise questions and learn by themselves (and I do not write this only because my teacher, M. Rémi Bachelet, might read this blog: hello, Professor!), but I think it would be far more profitable if we were given some directions, either books or websites, in which to search for information or tips.


In this class we are divided into small groups, each of which having a fictitious company named Poaekj plus an extension (Ltd, SARL, Inc...). The idea is that we compete to have the best ranking in the Google searchlist (and possibly in other search engines). This is why we have such a weird name: this way we do not interfere with real websites and searches. Do I further have to tell you that those companies are specialized in lajfsqo, sell products of onzred and employ engineers mostly from okjzret backgrounds?

Since we started this, we all had plenty of ideas. Of course, we do all the same things because when a group has a nice idea, the others can see it on the web and do the same, but this is what we like to call collaborative work. We created Facebook profiles - further to my Charles Dechoux profile, I did one for my company, Poaekj GmbH (and please read "gay-em-bay-ha" because this is German, though I don't know the actual meaning of it). This made the whole school know about us, because they started being added as friends by sexy girls (I was the one who first added a picture of a model, because if you add a picture to a profile the rank on Facebook is better, and usually some old perverts add it so my "company" can have a lot of friends!). I knew a website which enables you to create pseudo-communication agency where you can post your own press releases, and now most best pagerank marked pages are those using this website (not only my group/company). From spying to making alliances with each other (pretty much like phone companies in real life) to avoid competition and scr** the teacher (in real life, the State and the customers), I must say this class is one of those we are the most active - and even productive - at school this year.

There has to be a conclusion to this post. I'll just say that at school, even learning serious things, you can have LOTS of fun.

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